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Welcome to [community profile] dailyattractivemen! Here you'll find daily picture spams of your favorite celebrities.

1. No nudity. Keep everything semi-sfw. If it isn't completely work-safe, please post it under a cut and state that it is nsfw.
2. No big pictures. Please try to keep everything that is not under a cut under 500 pixels wide. If it's any wider, please use a cut.
3. Tag everything! When posting, please tag the person in the photo, and if it is from a movie (and if so, what movie), a band, or whatever it is from. If you need an example to see how it's done, you can check the tags
4. No linking to icon posts. Every week we will have a post where you can comment and link to your icon posts. These will most likely happen every Sunday.
5. Don't trash talk other people. Not everyone has the same opinions as you, nor the same tastes. Please be considerate of others.
If you need help with anything, don't hesitate to message a moderator! We'll be glad to help you.

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